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Cycling up Cragg Vale(B6138) – the longest hill in England

Well this was two years in the making. For those of you that know me, you will know that I love cycling and I also love a challenge. I have had my eye on this climb ever since I first drove up it.

It rises 975ft in 5.5miles on a continuous gradient starting near Hebden Bridge. It was both the challenge of the climb since I had dropped 4 stones in body weight, but also the very fast ride coming down the other side that excited me. I had dreamt about this second part many times.

I had to cycle 33 miles to get there arriving at the bottom of the hill and then address the small matter of the 5.5 mile climb up Cragg Vale. After this I would have to cycle 24 miles to get home. That is assuming I followed the correct route and knew exactly where I was going – I did not so the route was longer. I had been both swimming and cycling the day before so my legs were already tired when I set off. My thighs were shot at by the time I got there and with several wrong turns thrown in to boot. I did the hill in one, very slowly without stopping and I was very tired by the time I got to the top, but it was all worth it. Now for the decent. It was the closest I had come to flying on two wheels. It was very fast and with breath taking views all the way down, I was elated. Hitting 40-50 mph all the way down into Littleborough. If you’re a cyclist an ever get the opportunity to take this ride it is a must for your bucket list. Even if you don’t cycle you can still drive the route, get an ice-cream and enjoy the views.

cragg hill

“To find the two, you must try the Ten.” – MM