Blissed out midnight mcbride
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🚲 Cycling Heaven πŸš²

I think if I had to choose between cycling and food, I would have a difficult time. When I’m on my bike, I am in bliss and it feeds my soul. I think we are all searching for that special something in life.
Something that makes us feel alive.
Something that makes us experience bliss and joy.happy face in the hills
Something that enables us to switch our mind off from the daily toil and allows us to find inner peace.
Some of us can spend our whole lives looking for it and yet never finding it .
Well I am truly blessed. I have tried many things in my life to quiet the mind and find inner peace and I am lucky enough to say that I have found several that work for me. It’s not been an easy road, but it has been worth it. Never give up. Always keep searching. There is a piece of heaven for each and everyone of us, if we are just prepared to put the effort in and keep looking. We all deserve it, we are all worth it and it does exist. Heaven on earth is a real phenomenon and it is waiting for you. It has always been there. For me personally, meditation, sport and nature take me there every time.
Grey Mare Pub Haslingdon Moor
β€œIn order to find the two, you have to try the ten.” – MM