The Midnight McBride Show Episode 17 – “Eat Train Love”


In this episode I interview Health & Lifestyle Guru Sally Bolton.

Sally is also the founder of “Eat Train Love”.

Sally’s holistic approach to wellbeing is a breath of fresh air.

She is a big ball of positive energy and its infectious. After spending time with her you feel uplifted and ready to take on the world. Sally also talks openly about her struggles in earlier life and happily shares the techniques she used to overcome them. If you want to start making better choices right now – listen to Sally. When you make some good life decisions you start to feel good. Sally is very aware that the mind is critical in the equation leading to a happy and healthy life. She has learnt from her own experiences that good mental and physical health, go hand in hand. She readily reminds us all that it is never to late to start, taking small steps right now and then heading in a new direction, towards good mental health, fitness and wellbeing.

“When Sally Talks” is the title of a series of short fitness and lifestyle videos that she will be filming and launching on my YouTube channel – we would be wise to “sit up” and listen.

She also has a lovely canine companion called cooper, who is now a TV star too.

It was my absolute pleasure to welcome Sally into the studio. Thank you for sharing Sally.

We will be seeing lots more of you.

Watch this space !! – “When Sally Talks”.

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