The Midnight McBride Show Episode 18 – “From PTSD To Plant Medicine”


In this episode I interview my friend and former soldier Wesley Dyson.

Wesley has been on the show before in the very first episode – “Soldiering On”.

I would strongly urge you to watch this show also, to get you up to speed with Wesley’s journey so far, but also to gain contrast.

You can then see the huge shift in his energy and the dramatic change in his general wellbeing, in only a few months. This is since he started making some good life choices and then embarked on a more spiritual path. He is the first guest ever to return to the show.

In this second show we talk about Wesley’s ongoing struggle with PTSD and the steps he has taken to improve the quality of his life and both his physical and mental health. We also discuss extensively the path of Plant Medicines and Shamanic Retreats, which have been a part of my journey and something I feel people need to look at with an open mind.

Please see the links below – especially the first two –

“The Nature Of Ayahuasca” and “The War on Consciousness”.

If this is all new to you, then this really will open your eyes.

It was so much fun doing a show with Wesley in the studio again (Aka “Midnight Towers”). We always end up falling around in fits of giggles. I was best man at his wedding and Wesley has been a constant companion over the years.

Thank you for sharing Wesley. xx


“The Nature of Ayahuasca (2019) Documentary”


“Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness (Censored Ted Talk)” https://youtu.be/d0UFU2gp7oQ