The Midnight McBride Show Episode 19 – “Inspire Me – Inspire You”


In this episode I interview Debs Cassar-Egan.

Debs is a former RAF “Squadron Administration Clerk”. 
Debs was happy to share and talks openly about her struggles with mental health and some of the issues she has faced over the years.
She has since managed to turn her life around.

Debs decided to take a new direction when she left the RAF and is now a lady of many talents.
She is an “Integrated Practitioner” and uses her skills in  hypnotherapy, counselling, NLP and Reiki to help others.
She is also a successful author of two books and works part time at a mental health charity to boot. In fact everything she does is driven by the intention to help others and to show them how to deal with the problems she has overcome. This is a very special lady indeed.
Her first book “Inspire Me – Inspire You” is the inspiration for the show title.

Ah but wait – Debs has a twist to her story though – Debs is an “Intuitive”.
This means that she sees and communicates with spirits.
We chat about how she came to terms with this growing up and also how this affects the running of her day to day life.
There were many strange occurrences that happened at the studio(Aka “Midnight Towers”) that day!!

Debs is a beautiful soul and brought a ray of sunshine into my day.
What an wonderful uplifting story.
Keep your eyes out for her second book “Behind The Blue” which is out very soon.

Thank you for sharing Debs and keep shining. I would love to meet your other half (Rachael Cassar-Egan) at some point too.
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