The Midnight McBride Show Episode 20 – “Doors – To Another Realm”


In this episode I interview Ex-Doorman Andy Allwood.
Andy has been a friend of mine for many years.
Once he discovered inner-peace and a different way of thinking  – his life started to change dramatically.
Through some reprogramming, inner work and hence correct thought, Andy started to see things in a whole new way. I could visibly see the change in Andy.
In just a few short years he started to manifest the life he had dreamt of.
Andy changed his Job, his diet, started to spend time in nature walking and then met the lovely Jo.
Andy has also practiced and taught karate for many years.
In difficult times this was his lifeline and a method for clearing his mind and relieving stress.
This is a beautiful story of how one man can change his entire world just by thinking a little differently.
It was a pleasure to have you down at the studio (“Midnight Towers”) Andy.
Thank you for sharing. 
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