The Midnight McBride Show Episode 21 “Mr Mushroom Part 1 – He’s A Fungi”


In this episode I interview Colin Unsworth – Aka “Mr Mushroom”.

Colin and I crossed paths about a year ago and that brief encounter never left me. We didn’t even speak – he just smiled as he rode past me with his mushroom hat on. I knew then that we would meet again. A big thank you to kitty White for reconnecting us.

Colin refers to himself as a mushroom enthusiast (However I would call him more of an expert). If you want to know about Mushrooms he is your guy.

We talk about the role Mushrooms played in the evolution and history of our planet, the different types of mushrooms, the health benefits of some of these and also how to identify them. We also talk about Forest Horizons (Colin’s Forest School), riding a 36″ wheeled Unicycle, Naked Cycling and being a Naturist.

We had so much fun and so much to talk about, we decided to do two shows. I was so excited to get Colin into the studio (“Midnight Towers”) that I nearly wet my pants. Well that is before we took them off (Next – Part 2 “The Naked Truth”).

I have been very lucky to have so many amazing guests at Midnight Towers, but no one has ever arrived on a Unicycle before (from 5 miles away) – Colin you are an absolute legend. His passion and love for life clearly shines through in this interview. Thank you for sharing your story and knowledge of mushrooms Colin – we were very lucky to have you.

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