The Midnight McBride Show Episode 58 – “The Phoenix Rising From The Ashes”


This interview makes everything I have ever done worthwhile.

This is the most incredible, moving and inspirational show to date.

This is the one folks!!!

This show was held back for a while as to be aired on the anniversary of the accident – as requested.


In this episode I interview the owner and founder of “What’s Loved” clothing empire – ILKER.

Ilker had a serious accident when he was just two years old and has had to overcome many obstacles.

Despite all off this he has found his soul mate, has two beautiful boys and has also gone on to build a very successful ladies fashion wholesale business (What’s Loved).

He supplies over 3000 retailers in England.

Ilker is even now in the early stages of setting up both a children’s refuge and an animal sanctuary in Turkey.

All I see when I look at Ilker – is beauty.

He exudes peace, love and compassion.

His warmth to all sentient beings is palpable (Ilker is a vegan too).

It was both my privilege and honour to spend time with him.

Oh Ilker – you made my heart sing that day !!!

What an amazing soul you are.

Thank you for sharing your incredible story with us.

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